If you are a professional and would like to donate some of your expertise and time to help the environment, there are a lot of things you can do. From the assistance of architects who can donate time, design and drafting services, to agricultural engineers who can select the best species to suit different areas, and an increasing variety of professions that can contribute in many effective sectors.

We call upon the professional society in Lebanon and abroad to lend a hand in the fight for environmental change. The visions and knowledge of these professionals could tip the balance. In the past 50 years, Lebanon has lost over half its green areas. This is not something to be taken lightly. It is time for action, and time for activism. The professional community can galvanize around it dynamic teams, and can provide much needed resources, that non-profit organizations cannot afford to hire.

Everyone is invited to join the fight for the environment. From accountants to artists, from housewives to students, and from architects to farmers, everybody can help, anyone can play a role.

Register with us today, so that we know you are there and willing to help, or contact us for more information. When the opportunity for you to be active arises, we will contact you and work around your schedule so that you can contribute and be part of the environmental act for change.

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